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We are eager to understand and contribute to environmental policy issues of all kinds.  The reports below include projects for clients and those written on our own initiative.

IUU Fishing and Transnational Org. Crime Cover.jpg

Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) Fishing and Transnational Organized Crime

MAY 2022

This brief explains the connections between IUU fishing and transnational organized criminal networks through case studies and a review of enforcement frameworks, offering recommendations for policymakers and advocates on leveraging these points of intersection to combat both issues.

Prepared by Policy Analyst Intern Emily Zimmerman. 

Offshore Wind Issue Brief cover.jpg

Understanding US Public Perceptions of Offshore Wind: Responsible Development and Deployment


This brief explores the landscape of public perception and its impact on expanding offshore wind energy production in the United States, offering recommendations for industry and policymakers to work through multi-use conflicts through consultation, information sharing, and collaboration.

Prepared by Policy Analyst Intern Fiona Calcagnini. 

FINAL NRDA Groundwater Issue Brief cover.jpg

The Natural Resource Damage Assessment Process and Groundwater Management


This brief discusses groundwater contamination and remediation in general and through case studies of the Hanford Nuclear Site and  Port Gardner Bay in Washington State, then proposes avenues for safeguarding this critical yet often-overlooked resource.  

Prepared by Policy Analyst Intern Wallis Cole. 

IOTC issue brief cover.png

Disentangling Sustainability, Equitability, and Power Dynamics of the Indian Ocean Tuna Commission


This brief discusses the interplay between coastal states and distant water fisheries in the management of this Regional Fisheries Management Organization and offers recommendations to support fisheries science, empowering developing countries, and streamlining processes. 

Prepared by Policy Analyst Intern Rachel Myers. 

Forced Labor Report Cover

Integrating Forced Labor and Environmental Harm to Support New Collaborative Action



This report, prepared for the World Wildlife Fund, explores connections between forced labor and environmental harm in commodity supply chains and proposes cross-sector solutions from experts around the world.


Arctic Governance Brief cover.png

Arctic Infrastructure in a Changing
Global Climate



This brief examines the unique challenges Arctic communities face in maintaining reliable infrastructure in the face of climate change, and discusses areas where governance could improve their quality of life. 

Prepared by Policy Analyst Intern Michael Wheeler.  

Issue Brief - Seafood Markets FINAL.png

Seafood Market Diversification

in the Post-Pandemic Era

MAY 2021

This brief explores changes in seafood production, marketing and sales in the United States during the Covid-19 pandemic and offers suggestions for bolstering market resilience moving forward. 

Prepared by Policy Analyst Intern Maya Bhadury.  

UK Issue Brief - FINAL Cover image.png

Fishing in the United Kingdom

after Brexit

MAY 2021


This brief examines issues that have arisen since the UK's separation from the European Union and provides policy recommendations to strengthen the resilience of the UK fishing industry and its partners.   

Prepared by Policy Analyst Intern Birch Synnott.  

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